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  • soccer boe.jpg

    Board of Education Honors BBES Soccer Teams!

  • american education week.jpg

    BBES Welcomes the Community For American Education Week

  • 8th fire dept.jpg

    8th Grade Students Receive Generous Donation from the Fire Department for the Washington DC Trip

  • green team.jpeg

    Board of Education Honors BBEA “Green Team”

  • farm4.jpeg
  • farm2.jpeg
  • farm1.jpeg
  • busload.jpg

    Busload of Books visits BBES!

  • 1st grade .jpeg
  • mexican independence celebration.jpeg
  • 8th graders BTSN.jpeg
  • admin.jpeg

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BOE - Special Meetings Notice (Jan 10th and Feb 13th) (pdf)
Strategic Planning (pdf)
Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world! November 29, 2022, January 10, and February 13, 2023 - RSVP here.
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