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The Bradley Beach Elementary School is a single school district located on the Jersey Shore in central New Jersey.

The school houses grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Eight. The student body is comprised of approximately 210 students. The professional staff includes 40 Certified Teachers, 6 Paraprofessionals (Instructional Assistants), a Business Administrator, a Director of Curriculum & Instruction, and a Superintendent/Principal.  The School building is a classic traditional structure. Its presence near the center of town enhances the beauty and character of the Bradley Beach community.

While the school building is traditional, the Bradley Beach educational program is current, invigorating and addresses the needs and abilities of all of the diversified learners. The relatively small student body provides distinct advantages for the implementation of the educational program. These benefits include an excellent student/teacher ratio. The ability of the faculty to provide an individualize program which connects with various learning styles, meets individual needs, fosters the development of individual talents, and engages students in numerous enrichment activities designed to broaden their total educational experience.

Integrated instructional activities, enhanced learning programs, technology as the integral element of the program, extra-curricular activities, critical thinking and problem solving challenges, and activities that reflect the concept of multiple intelligence are examples of the dedication of the Bradley Beach staff to ensure that the students are provided with the educational opportunities to enable them to reach their full potential as learners and contributing citizens of the community. Bradley Beach Elementary School strives to make the students and staff "A Family" that surely is and will continue to be a strong asset to the community of Bradley Beach.