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Our music pull-out lesson program makes up the largest extra curricuricular group in BBES.  More than 75% of 4th through 8th grade are a part of one of these groups,  and can also participate in athletics or other before/after school clubs.  Our lessons and rehearsals all take place during the school day on a rotating schedule.


Chorus: For those who love to use the instrument we are all born with, singing together with  4th through 8th grade voices is the place to be.


Bleacher Breakers: If you’ve never heard of BoomWhackers, this group will surely show you how they work. Each color-coded percussion tube plays a different pitch,  and together as a group we perform favorite arena songs for all home basketball games.  This group is open to grade 4 through 8 and is a prerequisite for joining Beginner Band .


Guitar Ensemble: We are lucky to have classical guitars in our instrument inventory which we use in our general music classes. This group is for those who are looking for some extra time with six strings under their fingers. Open to grades 5 through 8


Percussion Ensemble: For those who love to keep the beat but want to do so with something outside the box, this group is the perfect pick. We play “novelty” percussion which means instruments are not like those you find in the music shop. Some examples of our past performance have used buckets, brooms, dust pans, balloons, basketballs, BoomWhackers and even kitchen supplies. Open to grade 5 through 8.


Concert Band: Broken down into levels Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced this is the largest group in our music program. Beginners can get started on Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet or Percussion (pitched and non-pitched). If they choose, from there Alto and Tenor Saxophones as well as Trombone are available at theIntermediate level. For the committed players performing at our highest level, Advanced Band constantly challenges to expand our range and rhythm skills.


All of these ensembles (except Bleacher Breakers) perform at our Winter and Spring Concerts.  Bleacher Breakers perform at all girls and boys HOME basketball games.  All of these groups march in the Bradley Beach Memorial Day Parade.  Chorus, Intermediate and Advanced Band perform in our town Memorial Day solemn ceremony.  Advanced Band also performs at 8th Grade Graduation.