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Check the school website calendar for each club's meeting dates and times.


Computer Club
Grades 4-8

The Computer Club focuses on technological and problem solving skills through coding.  The students also compete in the annual Bebras Challenge, a world-wide competition that focuses on computational and logical thinking.

Drama Club

Grades 5-8

The Drama Club has been a vital part of the Bradley Beach Elementary School community for 15 years.  Every student who is interested in theatrical performance and production will have a role.  Club members learn the skills and techniques of acting, singing, dancing, and improvisation.  They engage in vocal training and stage movement and develop their listening skills and their ability to work as an ensemble.

Environmental Club
Grades 5-8

The Environmental Club's goal is to offer students the opportunity to learn about local, national, and worldwide environmental issues; participate in fun activities inside and outside of school, and to work together to make our school a more sustainable and eco-friendly place.  We'll go on beach sweeps, come up with solutions to real-world environmental issues, and we will get to talk to some cool guest speakers along the way. 

Garden Club
Grades 5-8

In garden club students learn how to grow plants from seed.  They maintain the beds and foster the growth of our plants until it’s time for harvest.  At that point, they can take produce home to their families if they wish.  We also partner with the local food pantry who collects the remaining produce.  Through this, students learn about sustainability, being a responsible community member, and environmentally-friendly practices such as composting.

Newspaper Club

Grades 4-8

The Tides is looking for writers, artists, photographers, podcasters, and videographers. No experience is required. We meet weekly after school. Click  here  to read the Tides Newspaper!

Safety Patrol

Grades 5-8

Safety Patrollers serve as role models for their peers.  They play an important role in helping their peers during arrival and dismissal. Safety Patrollers will also be visiting some of the elementary classrooms to teach the younger students about health and safety topics, including handwashing and safely crossing the street.

SOLE Sisters
Grades 4-6

SOLE Sisters will focus on building the girls' mental and physical confidence.  We will encourage our girls to become confident leaders, develop strong relationship skills, manage their emotions, and achieve personal and collective goals.  SOLE Sisters will also participate in a beach sweep with Clean Ocean Action and an end of the season fun run on the Bradley Beach boardwalk. Follow us on Instagram @bbessolesisters.

Student Council

Grades 5-8

Student Government is a service organization.  This year we raised money for the Monmouth County Chapter of the Red Cross and held a food drive for the Bradley Beach Food Pantry.  We are the student board and represent the student body with issues, hold Spirit Weeks, and sponsor the school dances.