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School Store - open during all lunch periods

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Child Find

Child Find

To the Parents of Bradley Beach School District:

The Bradley Beach School District is responsible to locate, identify, and evaluate children ages three through 21 who may be disabled. Included in the district’s “child find” are:

  • public and nonpublic children three to five years of age
  • (preschool) and children who are highly mobile, such as migrant and homeless students.

If you have a child aged three through 21, who may be experiencing physical, sensory, communication, cognitive, or social difficulties, please call Bradley Beach School at (732) 775-4413, ext 118 to arrange for an appointment and/or referral to the Child Study Team (CST).

Please share this information with other Bradley Beach residents who may benefit from it.


Director of Special Services

Atención: Padres en la ciudad de Bradley Beach:

Cualquier padre que crea que hay un problema en el desarrollo de su niño/ a:

  • De edad pre-escolar que cumplan 3 anos el próximo ano
  • Entre las edades de 3 a 5 anos
  • De edad escolar entre las edades de 6-21 anos

Deben comunicarse con: La Oficina de servicios especiales del distrito escolares de Bradley Beach su niño puede estar experimentando problemas físicos, sensoriales, emocionales, comunicación a dificultades en su ajuste social.

Por favor comunicares con la oficina de educación especial al teléfono (732) 775-4413, Ext. 118, y exprese sus preocupaciones.


Director of Special Services